26 June 2012

The volunteer coordinator for the cat rescue society I work for speaks German. She offered to help me practice at her house. Mostly she spoke simply as I have no confidence in my German, and after a while some words came and I could imitate her a little. Her teenage daughters are like cats, beautiful and very much full of uptight attitude. At the end she got one of them to let me see the kitten she is taking care of. He hissed at the dog (a big bulldog who practically gave me a bath) and then he hissed at me because he was scared, but then he settled down and soon he was looking to make daring escapes from the kitchen table.


lostgander said...

This is a great story.

wrenna said...

It's so incredibly nice of her. She just lost her job, again, and is having trouble finding work because she doesn't have any degrees, but she is a good teacher.