15 July 2012

I have a short term job, sort of, helping the Thai man practice his pronunciation. This morning we read Buddhist scriptures, which are actually not bad for practicing on because there is a lot of repetition, and he told me about how everyone can become a Buddha. He kept my cup of tea full (I have no idea what it was but he said it was cooling and good for women) and talked about the meditation retreat he is going on. He is super psyched about meditation from 4:30am to 9:30pm, with breaks for walking and qi gong and helping prepare vegetarian food. He paid up front and sent me off with all kinds of tea and a banana. Teaching English must be some kind of right of passage in this part of the world.


Boris Kane said...

Wow, where did you meet this man from Thailand?

The other day I spent 5 minutes with my eyes closed and focusing on my breathing, my mind lingered a few times, but I felt great afterwards. I can see why he's psyched about the meditation session.

wrenna said...

I met him at the bus stop. He has a very elegant meditation pose with his hands that he demonstrates frequently.