13 July 2012

The sixth toe turned out to be a scab over a sore 1 cm in diameter. We have antibiotics. The visit cost a manageable $112. So proud of my cat's good behavior.


lostgander said...

Oh good. I was worried and was going to encourage you to have it checked out. One of my cats had a growth on her leg that turned out to be cancerous. Most of the feline ones of the type she had are benign but she was not so lucky.

wrenna said...

Your poor cat! And poor you for going through that. I just had a day of looking at his foot and felt sick. My cat is only 5 years old, a little young for cancer. I just have to wait for him to eat something substantial so that I can give him his pill.

In other successes, I measure his portions of food and he'd actually lost 170g over the last time we were are the vet. He has chronic gum disease on his back teeth (an allergic reaction to tartar), though, so at some point they're going to have to come out. I think it's pretty cruel sounding; so far I'm going on the advice that red gums are not especially painful for cats.