11 July 2012

Today in the morning heat I met a man at the bus stop wearing a long robe and a toque. With a traveler's enthusiasm he introduced himself as from Thailand and explained that he is studying English and looking for a book on grammar. He also invited me on the meditation retreat he is going to on the Sunshine Coast (traveller's enthusiasm and Thai kindness). I was won over when he said I looked sixteen or seventeen, though. On the way home from the library I met him again. He wanted to practice his pronunciation, so whipped out a book of Buddhist sutras in Chinese with facing English and we went for it. Too bad all of the key concepts were just transliterated. I was trying to explain that we pronounce the letters at the end of words, so he ended up spitting out some very hard D's, as their own syllable. On the bus he reached into his bag and pulled out four Activia yogurts, telling me they are good for eyes. The actual yogurt or the blueberries in it, I wonder. In any case, Activia makes me constipated but for the life of me I could not give them back. Asian medicine and philosophy, however, as intellectual queries, are pretty much right up my ally these days.

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