06 August 2012

So I had a really good day. The dog walked, the cat walked, the other cat recoiled in shock. I am happily sitting on the couch with my cat while Cisco does laps around the place. We have discovered that Cisco is indeed chattering and are administering antibiotics. I am really happy even though I am sombred by my cat's dislike of sharing his territory with anyone else. I worked really well today too! More work this evening.


lostgander said...

It's interesting that Cisco's arrival into your foster custody coincided with your parents leaving for two weeks. ;)

He looks less drooly in the photo. What is the chattering all about?

Hooray for a good day of work!

wrenna said...

I am not allowed to have more than one cat. One cat is one cat over the legal limit. I have to plan my fun when I can.

The chattering involves his lower jaw dropping and moving up and down too quickly to consciously control, while his tongue thrusts in and out of his mouth. In humans it would be called an extrapyramidal syndrome due to antipsychotic use; in cats it is a probable sign of a mouth infection. Drooling can also be a sign of a mouth infection. If you Google 'chattering cat' you will get some scary stories. Luckily this little guy is young.

Thanks for your support. The day of work was a joy, as was seeing the animals calm down around one another. Right now everyone is in one room!