14 September 2012

Checking out education options with the Canadian Society of Indexers. You can do indexing freelance,  and as an on-line course in many different places. Might be more my speed.


lostgander said...

Back-of-the-book indexing? I looked into that briefly, but I prefer the other type of indexing: assigning controlled vocabulary terms to descriptive records. I wanted to switch to doing that because it would mean working from home, at least part of the time and possibly all of it. But it is hard to find those jobs. Here the National Library of Medicine is probably the biggest employer and contractor of that type of work, but they require anyone indexing their records (employee or contractor) to have a science undergraduate degree. I have 2/3 of a wildlife science degree but sadly that is not enough. I do know someone that does back-of-the-book indexing from home, though. I think you have to be pretty aggressive in pursuing the work and that would surely be my downfall.

wrenna said...

I get to do a little bit of assigning controlled vocabulary to descriptive records in my volunteer work at the archives. It's the most fun part. I was thinking back-of-the-book indexing though. I actually have a book sized index of John Dewey's Reconstruction in Philosophy by Helen Mirra that has piqued my interest in elegant indexes.

Thank you for talking through this with me: all input is appreciated. I have been feeling enormously stressed out on my own.

wrenna said...

I would want any program that I did do to provide guidance on the professional aspect of the job.