29 September 2012

I am trying to decide whether I like a rust coloured sweater with a big keyhole in the back. I have mixed feelings about the colour rust and its autumnal associations. Somehow it feels like a dirty colour to me. This sweater looks best with a sheer camisole that my bra shows through. I think I might prefer a blazer of which I have a very specific image the real world may not be able to match.

All of my hard thinking and putting off spending money on black silk dresses has led me to this. I didn't buy the first dress because it looked cheap for $245 and I didn't buy the second one because my hair was too fluffy. I think you would need Asian hair for the dress to look pretty. Plus it would be silly to wear a black silk dress to university. With red lipstick, because I am pale and would look morbid without it. I have a small mouth; it just wouldn't work.

I woke up this morning to big snuggles from my cat who is now sleeping beside my pillow and proceeded to receive an invitation for a walk from the dog as soon as my parents walked out the door. My undecidedness must run very shallow if my animal chi is this good.

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