16 September 2012

I met Cisco's adoptive family this morning. They've re-named him Limo because he is so long. He now has a kitty skyscraper and a little tunnel that he runs through. He plays all of the time, so much so that they are thinking seriously of getting another cat for him to play with. Their other cat is 17 years old and not up for duty. They adore all of his little mannerisms, and both mom, who is British, and dad were very sweetly affectionate with the kittens who were in the store for a big adoption weekend. Their boy (they have two) was harmlessly dull looking. I am glad he has found a loving home.


lostgander said...

"Harmlessly dull looking" -- HA!

wrenna said...

Never goon be as bright a light as the cat, that one.