02 September 2012

I went to my cousin Lisa's wedding yesterday. After dinner she had a panic attack, my mom told me this morning. I left early because my medication used to put me to sleep at 8:30, but now my mind plays tricks on me if I stay up late. I had nightmares about an article I'd just read about Cat Power's psychotic depression. I felt woozy after watching the Batman movie that ran late last week. Other people's stories of mental unwellness upset me.


lostgander said...

Cat Power was on National Public Radio here this morning. She has a new album out. It's not sad like her old stuff. She sounded in good spirits. I think she's beaten down most of her demons.

wrenna said...

September 4th I think it is. I'm glad she sounded good.

Heaton said...

I stumbled into the cinema, I think by mistake, to watch that Batman movie..
fell asleep half an hour into to it.
No idea what was going on..

I focus on other people lives & problems, I think, I tell myself, for clues.. answers.. solutions..

wrenna said...

One of the things she (Cat Power) said was that wellness was to some extent a choice. I find that to be true. I chose not to have suicidal thoughts anymore.