21 October 2012

did not meet my reading or writing targets for today but did manage to persevere through some hefty stress.


lostgander said...

Sometimes that's all we can do.

I've been reading Plainwater...whoa.

wrenna said...

I found that one a little mind bending. It's not easy going, for sure, I think to the extent that Carson is endeavoring to create a surface and isn't sure herself what goes underneath.

I have tomorrow morning off as the German class I am auditing has an exam. Should make for a nice long time of concentrated work.

lostgander said...

Yes, it's like I love the words and how she puts them together but I'm not always quite sure what is going on. I like it, though.

I wish you the best in your work

wrenna said...

Thank you for the armadillo card, which arrived today. As I write I am drinking my morning decaf coffee. Caffeine never used to get me into trouble but it does on this medication. At lunch or when I get home from class at 2 I make a cup of high grade sencha and then that's about it for my caffeinated day. I get jittery if I drink real coffee, or rather lattes, as my predilection goes. I sometimes have to chase my Tuesday afternoon (so I can stay awake for my late class) latte with my extra antipsychotic in order to calm the jitters.