11 October 2012

My psychiatrist got a job treating treatment-resistant psychosis so will not be treating me come January 1. I feel like I saw this coming; months ago I apologized for being such a boring case. She is a big blunt black woman and she has ambitions. I have met some bad psychiatrists in my day, but she lets me come in and be an equal partner. This will make her a great resource to very vulnerable people who are often dictated to. I hope the same people that hired her find someone else who will do that. Otherwise I will be looking for another doctor.


lostgander said...

I hope so, too. How is the German coming along? Why are their words so long? It seems so unnecessary.

wrenna said...

The German was bad. I don't understand how they put syllables together, never mind forming compound words, although I did start to have more success with contemporary dictionaries by weeding out extraneous eighteenth century t's and h's. I need to put more time in, time which I am short of during midterm season. I will look over the text I translated tomorrow and see if I can make any sense of it. It was about physiognomy.

In the mean time I am relaxing by reading about what it would take to make a seventeenth century English gentlemen. I plan to extrapolate to the nineteenth century based on notes which sound as though they could refer to more general books. The project that it is for is thesis-like in conception. I would like to work on it but this weekend I have to finish my Descartes paper.

Tomorrow I am at the archives. I will do brainless work. It would be better if I could get paid. I am waiting to see how my grades turn out to decide whether it is worth continuing on. At this point I am a tad burnt out so the break might be as good as a rest or more time to finish my papers.