16 November 2012

Anxiety medication is taboo. Even C. gets judgmental about anxiety meds. To me they make all the difference in the world, first because my antipsychotic leaves me with a core feeling of agitation that makes people ask what's wrong with my face, and second because I literally have no thoughts when I am anxious. For me they have the same function as ADD meds do for her, allowing me to focus. It's not like I take the medication and persist with maladaptive or avoidant behaviors. The medication has made me more successful at coping over time, but the social pressure not to take it gets to me.


lostgander said...

Having no thoughts sounds both scary and thrilling.

wrenna said...

It makes me feel guilty. Also like I haven't studied enough and don't actually know anything or can't do something or don't know how to respond to someone. Thank you for being able to think of it as an altered perceptual experience, I like that.