27 November 2012

This will be the last Tuesday I have to hang out all day long waiting for my evening class. My ritual has been to spend at least two hours of my five and a half hour break drinking a latte in a clean well-lighted place. This is the only day of the week on which I drink caffeinated coffee. Today there is music and it is too loud and I have been more slothful than on all afternoons previous.  I have pulled out my Descartes.


lostgander said...

So are you going to switch your caffeinated day or just go without altogether?

wrenna said...

I will go without, except on the rare occasion I venture out and can't resist. My favourite tea, Sencha Ashikubo, which I drink on the other days when I am home, has a good kick but doesn't keep me up late and wake me up early the next morning the way that coffee does.