28 November 2012

Today in class my philosophy professor outlined the answers to the very difficult exam questions he posted. This saved me days of struggling feebly. I think I might have at bit of a crush on him. Very inappropriate, given that he was mean to me. The map of my attractions is all screwed up. Colleen opened up a bit about her problems with her family, her dog and her ongoing hallucinations. She is a lovely, lovely person. I liked listening.


lostgander said...

I don't think crushing on people who are mean to you is that rare a phenomenon. It's like the whole 'why do so many women end up with men who are jerks' scenario that quiet, polite dudes torture themselves over, as well as the more general adage 'nice guys finish last' etc etc ad nauseum. Maybe it's because it represents a challenge. Then there's the theory that these dudes represent the 'alpha males' and evolutionarily speaking it would be appropriate to want to mate with them. I don't know if I buy all that, but it's certainly been said a million times before.

Glad to hear you've avoided some feeble struggling!

wrenna said...

Being a "nice girl" I have experienced similar difficulties.

lostgander said...

I guess there's tragedy on both sides.