13 December 2012

Helped my mom add destressing hypnosis files to her iPod using the most unintuitive interface I have ever met. After that I felt so technologically adept I dug the corroded batteries out of my stereo remote and set the clock to the correct time.


lostgander said...

Sounds like you're on a roll. What's next? Computer programming?

wrenna said...

Actually, I've been having problems with my Mac's trackpad. I was able to borrow a mouse to turn the click function off and back on again, but that only seems to be a temporary fix, since it happened again today. I may have to consult the interwebs.

I got sent an accidental e-mail from my university with a free logic textbook and course... I had been curious about logic for a while. It has links to computer programming. You never know what might happen if I am successful.