21 December 2012

The side panel of my mom's car was peeled away back to the passenger's side door, which is jammed. Also hit: the bumper, headlight, hood and wheel. The suspension was probably damaged. It probably won't get fixed.


lostgander said...

Yikes. One time I was in an accident that jammed the driver's side door of my car. I was working as a janitor at the time and this one guy at a manufacturing plant that I cleaned kept harassing me about how I never got the door fixed. I was like, dude, stop harassing me, you work at some plant where most of your coworkers don't even own cars. And I'm a JANITOR. I think I was making $6/hour at the time.

wrenna said...

Wow. Hard times! Here minimum wage is $10 an hour but a living wage is more like $16. My sister got a bye on getting Christmas presents this year because she didn't have the money.