22 January 2013

I did not get nauseous. I felt like I had drunk about two cups of very strong coffee, the high before the jitters set in. It was weird, not like the anxiety described in the leaflet, but like what my anti-depressant used to do, only more (at 2mg, a tiny amount of medication). I took the medication at 7 and at 11 I took another pill to try to combat the feeling. It's supposed to be more even at higher doses (15mg) but I probably will not be feeling this way by Friday. Two weeks at this dose means this could take forever. I will advocate for 1 week intervals in the future. The bad thing about this medication is that I don't think it's covered, and antipsychotics typically cost upwards of $100 per month. I was on one that was almost $500 per month, at a moderate dose, and it was covered, so I'm not quite sure what the deal is.

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