05 January 2013

I keep my goldfish in a bowl, which is not something that one admits to serious goldfish people. I have a tank but the filter was noisy. I also have a history of keeping goldfish alive in bowls for extended periods of time. It's like a terrarium only better. My current goldfish has lived with me for two or three years. When I first got him I carried him home on a cold day and he went into shock when I put him in his new habitat. He is sensitive to changes in his water and lately has been sitting at the bottom of his bowl, halfway between shock and sleep. I read up on this behavior in the goldfish forums and was reminded that healing from toxins takes time and I should watch how much I am feeding him to prevent constipation. That said, in the meantime he got a string of poop, like he never does, that adhered to his tail fin and caused it to rot, a permanent injury. He is now swimming about vigorously. He reminds me of a little puppy dog the way he gets excited about food and greeting me.

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