04 January 2013

I think I've decided to wake up early to take the continental phil class with the professor who referred to university as a "mental health wasteland" and had everybody introduce their intellectual interests on the first day so that we might talk to one another. Power and Oppression was going to go a whole semester without including non-white theorists, and a three hour long class running into dinner time just didn't seem like a good pick. I think my exposure to the topics included in that class has already been more radical than where the prof was willing to go. I also received a Kant syllabus annotated with secondary sources for independent study. I found the Kant professor not very helpful in the class I took with him last semester. I got more out of reading the secondary material on my own anyhow. It would add a third day to my commute as well. I'm a little wary of the antique sessional instructor for my 18th century phil class but the material sounds very interesting. My classes will be two days a week, happily limiting my commute.


lostgander said...

'Mental health wasteland,' huh? I like that. Talking to one another sounds promising.

wrenna said...

I endeavor to find supportive environments. Hopefully it will be so.