06 January 2013

On Tuesday I have an appointment with my new psychiatrist. I am hoping for a med change so that I'm not so restless in the evenings and can add some hours to my day. The medication recommended by my former psychiatrist caused me a lot of agitation when I tried it and it has a reputation for causing that in about 12% of people who try it, although maybe not so much at higher doses. It is in a different class than the medications I have tried so far, all of which, except for the one that makes you gain crazy weight, made me anxious. I am not looking forward to the switching process, which I expect will be very difficult. On top of that I have the psychological problem with anxiety around reading and writing, which none of my doctors have ever talked through with me. On Tuesday I will see if C is back. I also have a book to return. It feels like a lot is hanging on Tuesday.

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