07 January 2013

The dog came and got me for a walk, despite the rain. There were lots of dogs out walking, which she didn't like. A big puppy came bounding at her and she slowly swaggered past it.

In other news, Cat Power is now following me on Twitter, which gives me a big thrill.


lostgander said...

I love how crotchety older dogs get toward younger dogs.

What do you do on Twitter? Are you some bigwig on there?

I'm finally back at work, but still sick, this time with a head cold. I may not survive 2013 if this keeps up.

wrenna said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well! I really hope you catch a break and start feeling better soon.

Cat Power follows more than 10,000 people of her 37,000 followers. I tweeted something nice at her when she said she was crying. She posts Instagram photos with enigmatic captions, mostly.

On Twitter I commune with some people who make homemade porn and a couple artist friends. I have about 50 followers, 1/10 the number of the people with whom I regularly am in contact who take their clothes off.

lostgander said...

Thanks! Your Twitter life sounds grand. I have sometimes wondered if I would like Twitter. The concept of posting witty and/or cryptic pithy statements appeals to me. But I am easily overwhelmed by the idea of joining some new online thing.

wrenna said...

There are lots of guys on Twitter who just say shit. Each different social media platform seems to come with its own group of friends, which can be interesting. It's nice to get out.