27 February 2013

I argued with my doctor and basically prescribed my own increase in the new medication to happen while he is away. I am the wild west of mental patients. My old doctor used to think my assertiveness around medications was good; I knew what I needed to stay well and didn't have any significant breaks for three years. So far so good: the hunger side effect has gone away. I can see the extra weight in my face though and it makes me uncomfortable. I haven't eaten myself all the way into this state, there has been a shift in my metabolism, which makes things more difficult. I have been making an effort to get focused earlier in the day and am having an easier time of it. My doctor sees this as mood related; I see it as focus related. I wish I could be working on Hegel but I've got to get Hume sorted out first.


lostgander said...

Nice metaphor, Ms. Wild West.

I think it's great that you're so assertive about medication, especially given the general ineptitude and/or disinterest and/or carelessness rampant in the medical community.

I'm sure that psychiatrists in general don't like people with mental illness to feel empowered. God forbid...that might put them out of a job one day.

wrenna said...

Thank you for your support! I think it's important that we take a critical attitude with our meds. I told him I'd see the doctor (one who wasn't an idiot) at the student health clinic if any problems arose.

One point of contention was the antipsychotic medications my old doctor prescribed at very low doses as sedatives. I think I simply won't need them as the change over completes.

In related news, the dog took me for a loooong walk at a brisk pace this morning. If I can keep her at it I'll have an easy time getting back in shape. I gave her lots of gentle praise and an extra treat in appreciation. It's great to see her enjoying her walks.