17 February 2013

I have the patience to woo strange cats, why do I not have the patience to take my cat for walks? He is no longer happy and is withholding my morning snuggles, which I really need. I can't fall asleep at night and my 1/4 pill of melatonin is leaving me with a big hangover.  


lostgander said...

He sounds like a complex little man.

wrenna said...

He is a jealous little guy. He doesn't like it when the dog takes me for walks. On that note, the dog doesn't like it when my mom cleans under the couch and locates all his toys. She stole a mouthful of them and carried them off to her territory. It's a pretty full-on rivalry. We put seed in the bird feeder. Hopefully the return of his little buddies will cheer him up.