09 March 2013

I am thinking seriously about becoming a nurse. I would need to take 6 credits of human anatomy at a college, but they like that you have a degree first and my grades, if we discount incomplete classes, are easily good enough to qualify. I need to see about volunteering to find out more about whether I want to go into blood and guts nursing or psychiatric nursing. It would be an exciting job and I would be able to advocate for people. Also, it would be all about life-long learning.


lostgander said...

That's cool. It's certainly hard work, though I would imagine also rewarding. My friend is a nurse. She works at a hospital and always has interesting stories. One of the hardest things about her job seems to be the scheduling...she is always switching between day and night shift and it messes up her sleep patterns. I think that is more just a factor of hospital work, though.

wrenna said...

Yeah, I don't know if I could do shift work, from a purely medical standpoint.