17 March 2013

I ran into a girl I coached in synchronized swimming back when I was in high school. She had trouble floating. She was in the pet shop looking at cats, of which her family has seven, with her baby girl Ella, the first time I'd seen them together. Ella is a miracle, because when Sarah was 19 months old she was diagnosed with leukemia, and doctors told her the treatment meant she could never have children. Ella is doubly a miracle because she was conceived while Sarah was recovering from a brain tumor that was a result of the childhood cancer treatment, and for the first two months she didn't know she was pregnant because her period was coming twice a month. She was also on seizure medication that is a risk to fetuses. Ella is a big baby, born at 8 pounds and to all appearances healthy; Sarah is a tiny woman, I don't know if she's even 5 feet tall. We talked for a while. Sarah is enjoying being off work and like me doesn't get bored not working. She used to look completely miserable when I saw her on the bus and didn't say hello. She said she'd come back to visit while I was minding the cats.

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