27 April 2013

I could deal with random paranoia; I don't like this current feeling of being ambiently scared for no reason. It happens in the afternoon. I tie it to the reduction in my old medication working its way through my system. I can sleep now, which is great, but I've gained another 5 lbs and my favourite jeans don't fit :(


lostgander said...

That paranoia / scared feeling doesn't sound good. I hope it passes.

wrenna said...

Thank you. I feel like I am being sucked under. Yesterday I had really bad insomnia and was worried I was hypomanic so I took an extra pill of something else to squash it, so there was no scared feeling. That pill makes me lactate when taken I a continued basis so I can't do that. I think it won't pass and that I will have to take more, which I don't want to do. I'm also worried, after reading a NYT article by a bipolar woman, that I will always have to go to sleep at 8 pm and sleep 8 hours.. in which case I might as well be taking my old medication.