05 April 2013

I quit my old medication last night because the low dose was making me miserably restless, as it did when I was going on it. I feel good, and hopefully that continues over the next several days. Maybe the paranoid glimpses won't hang on? I am falling asleep because I am tired, not because my medication makes me for the first time since I've been on medication. Hopefully my caffeine sensitivity goes away now too so that I can drink all the roasts of coffee. I may decide to lie about this all and pretend to still be taking the old medication to smooth relations with my doctor or I may tell him I was following his suggestions which I originally overruled on account of his wanting to drop the old medication before I got to a therapeutic dose of the new one. My memory has gaps this semester from all the med changes; it is time to stabilize before I have to write my final exam.

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