24 April 2013

So. I have read a book on Kierkegaard, sung Zou Bisou to a cat to get her to come out of hiding, and traded tea with a shop girl as we each evangelized our favourite blends. I now have a fair amount of pretty amazing tea that I have been drinking non-stop, except now I can drink coffee too. Cue the citrusy-floral Ethopian coffee that doesn't come in decaf. I have been listening to music and falling asleep by myself, but I still sleep 11-12 hours. Tomorrow I walk and I write.


lostgander said...

Well, it sounds like things are looking up. I tried leaving a comment last week and it told me it needed to be approved. I didn't know if you'd changed your settings or if it was an error. I thought I'd check in since it had been quiet over here for a while.

This morning I read about this guy Roger Ekirch who did all this historical research about how people used to sleep and concluded that throughout recorded history, until the Industrial Revolution, people used to sleep in two distinct periods, what he calls 'segmented sleep'. So there would be a first sleep followed by a waking period of 1-2 hours, and then a second sleep. Here is some commentary on his research: http://www.history.vt.edu/Ekirch/sleepcommentary.html

wrenna said...

I have my blog set to remind me when comments are left on posts more than a week old, just so that I see them. Sorry about that, I will go look.

I've read something like that about sleeping twice before too. Thank you for stopping by, and for offering consul to UW. I know he really appreciates it. I had a rough time last week but hopefully things are looking up.