29 April 2013

So. This week I am exercising. If I lose any weight I will consider keeping the new pills; if I gain weight I'm going back to the old ones.

I walked up to my appointment herding cats this afternoon. I made all the cats purr except for the baby kittens who I wanted to let sleep. Two cats sat in my lap. I thought about how nice it would be to have three black and white cats you could only tell apart by their disparate markings.

When I came home my mom had been crying. She is worried she won't get her old job back even though she has gotten cards in the mail from her principal every month.

The dog is sitting in the other chair, keeping me company as I type this. I am having a beer I was going to save for next weekend on ice because the dog and I are on the same page about a crying mom. I don't think she's getting better. She seems to be getting more dependent. Instead of mindfulness classes I want to send her to Womens' Studies 101.

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