27 May 2013

I got my mom and I tickets to a honey bee keeping course for mother's day. Yesterday we went and were pleasantly surprised by the gentleness of the bees and today she was hunting down the recommended bee keeping book. She is so enthused I think we might actually get our own hive this year, because in a couple weeks is the ideal time! It is wonderful to see her excited about something that has nothing to do with her profession.

24 May 2013

I stayed up til 10:30 which is so late for me that by the time I got out of the car from dropping my friend off with my dad I was so tired I couldn't walk properly. I tumbled into bed and went to sleep with my comfy silk party dress on.

23 May 2013

My cousin Nic has diarrhea so he and my Aunt Sally can't come to my graduation. My friend Holly can't come because her mom is dying a horrible death of cancer. My Opi is in the hospital. Crappy day for a graduation.

21 May 2013

Dr thinks my Opi may have had a stroke. Omi lied about it this morning. Hopefully we get to see him tomorrow.
My graduation party is in two days and fully half the people invited won't say if they're coming. I have offered them them the most open-ended conversations possible to respond to. All this time and nobody fucking cares about the prosecco and fancy cake.
Bo has an infection on the upper right hand side of his mouth. The whole segment of gums is red and swollen.

20 May 2013

My mom called me the calm parent with reference to my cat, but I can't tell you how much less obsessed I feel now that he is behaving more like himself.

19 May 2013

We had to go back to the vet again yesterday for a new bandage, because the whole family tried, and we couldn't bandage Bo ourselves. The vet wouldn't stitch Bo back up again, so he will have a big pink scar across the black pad of his paw. He is doing a three-legged hop to show his displeasure with the bandage, which is as sad as it is entertaining. Before he pulled the stitches out he was leaving little bloody footprints; afterwards he did not bleed. So far the bandage looks like it will hold. Also, I got a good look inside his mouth during a big yawn and the gums looked pink and happy and healing well.

18 May 2013

Bastard cat pulled off his bandage and out his stitches.

17 May 2013

My mom received the very good news that her colleagues refused to take her job and lobbied the principal to give her another year to get back to work. This combined with cutting off her lithium abruptly seems to have made her feel fantastic, as it well should. She is also doing mindfulness meditation guided by various cd's and self-help gurus. I think she's one for charismatic healers.
Bo is wondering how the fuck a day that started out so good ended up in (1) having to get back in the car for (2) a trip back to the veterinarian and (3) a bandage change. It is a smaller bandage, which the vet said he would chew on because it would help him to feel more normal. He's feeling pretty close to normal, by the looks of things. The healing is reportedly going well. Bo is pretty pissed off though, so I am ignoring him.
Bo greeted me with cuddles this morning. He let me lift him down when we got up. I gave him breakfast, which he gobbled up, once before his antibiotic and once after. He just hopped up on my desk to drink water from the fish bowl... things are getting back to normal :)

16 May 2013

2pm and Bo is sleeping. Think I might have a go at that too.
Bo's pupils returned to normal size somewhere between noon, staring out my bedroom window, and eating a small lunch. Now he has taken up again his perch on the back of the couch. I haven't seen him get any good sleep apart from a nap in the hallway between 8:30 and 9.
Got a call from a vet tech to check on Bo. Apparently the doctor who did the surgery texted from the airport to check on him.
I woke up at 3:30am to check on Bo. His pupils are still enormous (he is med sensitive like the rest of his human family) but he purred and accepted my company without getting rattled. His eyes closed a few times, then he ate breakfast and vehemently refused his antibiotic pill. I let that go because he had had a less effective injectable antibiotic and had just eaten dry kibble. It's an open buffet of kibble today because he didn't eat at all yesterday. I will try again with the pill this evening. Then he fell asleep in the hallway.

15 May 2013

My poor cat had a bad reaction to the dose or type of pain medication he was prescribed. When we got there the vet was very gentle with him and explained that he could be hallucinating. He's home again with new pain meds on board, which will hopefully treat him better. It will be another few hours before the old medication wears off.

14 May 2013

We brought home my cat. He was still bleeding a little down both sides of his face and wearing an ugly little bandana and plastic name tag around his neck. He was not going to have any cloth near his face so I got him out of the bad duds and he took care of the rest. We didn't know if he knew where he was so decided to put him on his favourite cushion. He didn't like that AT ALL and loped unsteadily to my bedroom, swaying on his back legs, kicking his bandaged left front paw out at on odd angle, going first for his food dish, second for cuddles as I followed down the hallway, and then third to look out of the open window. Then much more cuddles, and back to the food that had by this time softened up in some warm water and turned cold. Nice priorities.
They're just finishing up the surgery on Bo now. I have an order from the vet to pick up special cat litter, and to pick the cat up at 6:30 tonight.

12 May 2013

My cat was so good about taking his pre-surgery antibiotics this morning. He even came for a second snuggle afterward... probably because he'd got a second breakfast without having asked. I want him fed so that he is fit for surgery and healing and also so that the pills don't make him sick.

11 May 2013

I gave my mom a ripe yellow guava this morning, to get her in a cheery mood. She is going off of all of her medications. She has never been so fragile; maybe the medications are bad for her. I am trying to be supportive, both in keeping her animated company and in helping out with the cleaning.

10 May 2013

My cat is a dapper fellow

09 May 2013

Watching my goldfish discover a taste for itty bitty pieces of skinned peas yesterday was a lot of fun. I think he might have eaten 1 pea total. File under things that are surprisingly exciting.

08 May 2013

I took Bo out for a walk in the cool garden when I woke up early this morning. It was several hours before I could call the vet and say we'd found the money for his surgery. I checked that the antibiotic the doctor prescribed wouldn't be the same one that made him so ill last year and it was a good thing I did. We're going to take good care of my little buddy and it feels very good.
I didn't tell you my goldfish was sick because Lost Gander finds it depressing. My fish ate too fast and started swimming in spirals like a tumbling pigeon then collapsing on his side: his swim bladder was compressed. Anyway, I followed the treatment plan suggested by Dr Google and he's fine again.

06 May 2013

The vet says, don't worry too much about the lump, worry about his teeth, for which we need to save up $700 before the surgery, with $300 to be paid in installments after, with a payment plan. So that plus possibly antibiotics for 6 months while I save up. We can remove the lump when we remove his teeth.
Yesterday my cat was doing a good job at ignoring me. "Perhaps you are being a bit intense." Lying on the carpet staring at him. "I thought I was holding it together pretty well." Being an old soul my cat forgave me and slept on my bed while I rolled around, waking early, trying not to kick him. He moved over to curl up with me. His most recent thing is to lie half on my chest while I wake up. We did that. I opened a fresh bag of cat food. Later this morning we will go to the veterinarian.

04 May 2013

I found out that pet insurance is not such a great deal (unless your pet is in an accident and can be reconstructed for $2500, plus 20% and $150) and opened a small savings account for the sole purpose of saving for my cat's medical bills.
I was rolling around on the floor with my cat and found a hard growth on the pad of his left front paw. Here's to rolling around with your cat as a health measure :(

02 May 2013

My mom's problem was that she was taking more mood stabilizer.

Last night I slept about 3 hours and woke up at 12:30am.  None of my tricks for sleep helped. The cat curled up beside me in bed. I may have gotten a little of the kind of sleep that feels like you're not sleeping. I got up at 4:30 and worked on my paper. My body ached with tiredness but I felt alert. I tried sleeping again in the early afternoon, with a small handful of pills designed to combat the possibility of mania and napped for a few hours.