17 May 2013

Bo is wondering how the fuck a day that started out so good ended up in (1) having to get back in the car for (2) a trip back to the veterinarian and (3) a bandage change. It is a smaller bandage, which the vet said he would chew on because it would help him to feel more normal. He's feeling pretty close to normal, by the looks of things. The healing is reportedly going well. Bo is pretty pissed off though, so I am ignoring him.


lostgander said...

Glad to hear that he's on the mend!

wrenna said...

Yes, thank you, I think he had a couple of very tough days. He's now removed his bandage but the paw looks good and he's not chewing on it so I think we'll let this one slide. His saliva is basically antibiotics and I'm all over the litter box with its specially hated by Bo big non-stick cat litter. If you saw how pissed off he was about the whole experience today I think you would too.