14 May 2013

We brought home my cat. He was still bleeding a little down both sides of his face and wearing an ugly little bandana and plastic name tag around his neck. He was not going to have any cloth near his face so I got him out of the bad duds and he took care of the rest. We didn't know if he knew where he was so decided to put him on his favourite cushion. He didn't like that AT ALL and loped unsteadily to my bedroom, swaying on his back legs, kicking his bandaged left front paw out at on odd angle, going first for his food dish, second for cuddles as I followed down the hallway, and then third to look out of the open window. Then much more cuddles, and back to the food that had by this time softened up in some warm water and turned cold. Nice priorities.


lostgander said...

I'm glad to hear he's back home safe in his own place. I am familiar with the kicking out the bandaged paw walk! I have seen my cats do that. They really hate anything on their paws, don't they.

wrenna said...

No cute little shoes like the dogs wear, for sure.

When I went to bed he just sat silently, staring at the door, for ages... the Tramadol stares.