19 May 2013

We had to go back to the vet again yesterday for a new bandage, because the whole family tried, and we couldn't bandage Bo ourselves. The vet wouldn't stitch Bo back up again, so he will have a big pink scar across the black pad of his paw. He is doing a three-legged hop to show his displeasure with the bandage, which is as sad as it is entertaining. Before he pulled the stitches out he was leaving little bloody footprints; afterwards he did not bleed. So far the bandage looks like it will hold. Also, I got a good look inside his mouth during a big yawn and the gums looked pink and happy and healing well.


lostgander said...

I've always found it near impossible to effectively bandage a cat's paw. They are masters at bandage removal.

wrenna said...

So far so good with this bandage. Now he is just mad I keep giving him antibiotic pills.