22 June 2013

Today much of the pollen is grey. Also, we have about 3 bumblebees who adore our lavender topiaries.

21 June 2013

This evening the pollen is white.
Our bees are returning to the hive with pollen in their baskets! Very exciting!!

The pollen is yellow and bright orange (probably from dandelions).

18 June 2013

When we opened the box that contained our bees there was a terrifying swarm. I got stung. Once my mum moved them to the hive the bees calmed down considerably. From the looks of things they have yet to discover the local blackberry blossoms.

13 June 2013

We got our beehive!

07 June 2013

My mom's dog is sweet. She does not judge me for the pile of scarves on the chair in my room but piles herself on top of them. I then moved them for her comfort.

05 June 2013

After thinking about what my mom said about my Opi I was worried, so I called my busybody aunt to go make sure he was getting enough pain medication. I also told her to tell him that I was a grumpy patient too.
My 80-year-old Opi had quadruple bypass surgery. He vows not to do it again. Today was awfully painful. Apparently he was getting mad at the nurses in German.

01 June 2013

This beekeeping thing is very girly. The hive revolves around the queen and her attendants, and the majority of the rest of the bees, the workers, are all girls who like flowers.