22 June 2013

Today much of the pollen is grey. Also, we have about 3 bumblebees who adore our lavender topiaries.


lostgander said...

What color is the pollen today?

wrenna said...

Sorry it's taken so long for me to see your message.

The same colours... yellow and bright orange mostly though, now that the blackberries are almost done blooming.

We opened the hive again last night and again didn't get stung! The bees build extra comb around the frames called "burr comb" and we had to scrape it off... but some of it contained honey so we got to taste! It is more floral than the most floral wildflower honey I have ever tasted and light in colour. Then we put the second level on so that they would know it was a good plan to keep adding to their numbers and storing up lots of honey.