19 July 2013

Hello library lovers!

A First Nation in my home province just lost their beloved Thestalalh Library to a fire. I found out through one of their tribal councillors Jess Housty on Twitter. She is very kind, works with young people, and talks about how it is impossible not to feel "huge gratitude and high spirits" surrounded by "so many amazing people." Jess' tweets make me happy and fill me with hope. Canada's government tried to destroy First Nations' language, culture and family structure under the guise of "helping." Given this history of racism, First Nations people face obstacles that those in the majority culture do not. The strength and resilience of their communities matters, and makes a big difference in individual lives. If you can help send books, or a make a small donation to make the library better than ever, please visit www.bellabellalibrary.com. Thank you for listening, the more people know the better we will treat one another in the future.


lostgander said...

Oh no! How tragic. I will look into helping out in some way.

wrenna said...

I very much appreciate your kindness in doing so! It means a lot to me, and I know it will make the people in Bella Bella feel good.

wrenna said...

Jess said that their most popular sections were kids books, indigenous literature, nature and the environment and fiction.