20 July 2013

I thought I lost my mom's dog today. She was having a tough morning, spending a good number of minutes sniffing the grass in front of our house before I told her "no" and she went on her walk. The dog reminded me of my mom in her obsessiveness. When we got to the dog park I went along her usual route, counterclockwise, and ran in to some dogs. Zoe saw them and balked. I couldn't see her, but instead of running through them, as she would usually do, or around them, as she would in a pinch, she ran the other way around all the way down to the other end of the dog park. I thought she might have gone home, so started walking back that way, before eventually following her. She ran to greet me. I was very happy that she waited for me, and so I used the word "wait," which she knows, over and over in praising her. We are all home safe now.

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