08 July 2013

Our bees have the much-hated Verroa mites. We spotted one large female by accident and found the itty bitty males crawling around in the debris tray. With the addition of the super for honey the 4 o'clock bee meeting has grown in magnitude to become actually quite frightening to witness. The bees look as though they are getting ready to swarm and leave the hive but they have more than enough space and have not produced any new queens, the two factors that would lead them to do so. Bob the bee guy doesn't even know what it's about. While scraping the extraneous burr comb from the frames we found some that contained honey. It was more floral than any wildflower honey you would find in a store and quite exciting to sample for the first time. My mom and I are debating whether to smoke or not to smoke the bees and whether or not to wear gloves. Neither of us got stung last time, and I have opened the hive twice since the first time that I got stung. It's true my gloves are an encumbrance and stick to the frames when I am trying to put them back in the body of the hive.

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