17 July 2013

Today was my cousin Nicholas' sixth birthday. We got together at Omi and Opi's for cake and gift giving. I got him some Mr Men books, none of which he already had, including some to make sense of the girl down the street. Lego and Playmobile Starwars stuff was a big hit (I got shuttled off to play some!) but the best birthday present ever was the ride on, steering enabled, hand-brake equipped car he got from Omi, who didn't have a 6th birthday party because World War Two was going on. Now, the best part of the afternoon was when Nicholas asked me why I looked sad and I asked him if I could tell him a secret: "sometimes my mom frustrates me." He said, mine too. He is an empathetic and kind six year old! He also said that he doesn't get church. "Even when I go with Omi it's just like blah, blah, blah." "Maybe when you get older the words will mean something," I said, trying to be diplomatic. Omi goes to church every day. Anyhow, the boy is right spoiled but he is a keeper.


lostgander said...

I like this post a lot.

wrenna said...

Thank you! My cousin is a sweet one.