30 August 2013

I am overjoyed for my friend Mr Field, who is having a book of his art published by a good gallery (of course they're good - his work is amazing!). I promise to tell you where you can get it as details become available.
When I was caring for the cats on Monday I noticed two tuxedo kittens with bald patches on their faces. This was alarming, because the shelter has recently had an outbreak of ringworm, I had been cuddling one of the kittens (disgusting), and I had noticed nothing the day before. At first the shelter lady was too exhausted to believe me since no one else had called, but I pressed, and she e-mailed me to say she'd removed them from the viewing area. I am so relieved, and happy I was able to be effective.

27 August 2013

I ate ice cream for breakfast and then the dog took me for a long walk. Win-win.

23 August 2013

I don't know if it's that the Ayurvedic tea I've been drinking (Pukka's Cleanse blend of nettle, peppermint and fennel) has actually been working, or if it's just the summer heat, but the pores on either side of my nose have been most welcomely disappearing. I've decided to take up beauty products. Scratch that, the beauty products I've tried don't work but one of my favourite things, tea, apparently does. See you (or not!) in the vanity isle!

21 August 2013

As part of her psychological treatment my mom is fucking up perfectly good baking.

19 August 2013

Early morning cuddles in bed with the cat and dog.

18 August 2013

I have seen a young (small) red-crested woodpecker twice now.
Mum's dog let me sleep in an extra 45 minutes without peeing on the floor. She hopped outside crossing her legs, then took me for a shorter walk than she has the past two days. She let a blonde lady out running pet her, I think because she looked like my mom and the dog misses her. The dog has behaved herself very well, and is even sleeping on the chair in my bedroom while I type.

17 August 2013

I provided just the right amount of information to get the longest deadline possible.

16 August 2013

I went inside the hive and the bees had been busy building wax foundations on the frames we moved into the lower part of the hive. I was very proud of them. They had also built comb and collected honey in the upper part of the hive, where many more of the bees had moved! I put one frame in the middle of two frames with honey on them wearing no gloves and didn't get stung. It was a very good bee day.

14 August 2013

Today has been a banner writing day, so it figures that I would lose my epic cool and start panicking right now.

08 August 2013

This afternoon the cupboard was quietly restocked with the special high-grade chocolate. I am using it to try to get my stomach to cease and desist its panging. I have been hungry all day and eating hasn't helped make the problem go away. I am cursing my psychiatrist so hard right now. This never happened to me before the Abilify. Other people must have had this happen to them. It's hellish. This is four months after I quit the drug.

06 August 2013

My friend, the talented Mr Field and I are working on the same philosophical project! He wants to read the books I am reading for my Hegel-Nietzsche term paper. The problem we are working on is this: what to do when God is not truly, deeply believed in, but the metaphysics God supported lives on.

04 August 2013

I'm working on writing something sophisticated about Descartes, while the Hegel books I really want to be reading stand at the ready beside my bed. I dislike Descartes for the same reasons Leibniz did: he was a dick who wanted a whole bunch of people to think like him. Leibniz was a smart guy; you will remember he also invented calculus.

03 August 2013

A quick chat with Mr Field across a flickering internet connection. All is well. My mother's dog took me on a long walk this morning. I will wait for the sky to clear to take the cat out, so that he can feel the sun on his fur.

01 August 2013

I woke up at 3 am worrying in complete sentences. The professor responsible is a dick who doesn't return messages. It was sunny but cold so I am wearing a winter sweater and mismatched t-shirt. I got more than expected done. This afternoon I got lonely (writing makes me lonely) and had to talk to my mom because my friend Mr Field is on vacation. I now cannot wait to be back asleep because my body feels as though it is collapsing.
My track pad bit it. I was sad, because my Mac was expensive and is only 4 years old and I years ago couldn't burn cd's with it and wait, I just updated $40 worth of brand new operating systems so I could run my new iPod with iPhoto (which I am now too broke this month to download).  Just looking at the Macs in my family home, I would say that the rate of hardware failure is 50% over 4 computers. The guy at the Mac store (the one I paid, not the hot one who diagnosed my Macbook's ailment) said we were spoiled during the late 90's by slower processors that were less likely to break. Good grief. I only know that my sister's last PC, which was half the price of my computer, completely died after 3 years. If my computer had completely died I would have lost a year's worth of research and been screwed as deadlines approach this month. I am about to get all over this new Cloud thing.