01 August 2013

My track pad bit it. I was sad, because my Mac was expensive and is only 4 years old and I years ago couldn't burn cd's with it and wait, I just updated $40 worth of brand new operating systems so I could run my new iPod with iPhoto (which I am now too broke this month to download).  Just looking at the Macs in my family home, I would say that the rate of hardware failure is 50% over 4 computers. The guy at the Mac store (the one I paid, not the hot one who diagnosed my Macbook's ailment) said we were spoiled during the late 90's by slower processors that were less likely to break. Good grief. I only know that my sister's last PC, which was half the price of my computer, completely died after 3 years. If my computer had completely died I would have lost a year's worth of research and been screwed as deadlines approach this month. I am about to get all over this new Cloud thing.

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