11 September 2013

I gave my six year old cousin Nicholas the book, "My First Kafka," as a present on starting grade one. He really took to the pictures and its version of "The Metamorphosis." I like that he has a story that is open to all sorts of questions and interpretations and just I don't knows, and that he engages with it that way, even at his age. He really struggles with his father exerting authority, so it has emotional impact as well. Nicholas wanted to share the book with his dad and his mom, after they got in a fight and before bed respectively, which I thought was a good sign. He is starting to read himself too! And, kind, empathetic, sensitive soul that he is, he asked me why I sometimes get frustrated with my mom, a secret which I told him last time we were together.


lostgander said...

What a wonderful present! No one is too young to get started on Kafka.

wrenna said...

I was so proud he hung with the strangeness and wanted to share it, even before his first read through.