26 October 2013

I have recently taken up knitting again. I am having fun and so is my cat. He likes the chunky yarn I am making felted slippers from, chasing the tail, purring, and wrestling the ball of yarn. The kittenishness of his interest is completely adorable.


lostgander said...

It seems like a good activity to partake in as we move into the winter season. Also, this makes me want a cat, which I was just saying earlier today (and have been thinking for some time, as you know, though the urge has come on stronger lately).

P.S. I saw the My First Kafka in a bookstore today! What wonderful illustrations.

wrenna said...

Cats are wonderful.

I also found a series of board books by Jennifer Adams, courtesy of the NYPL on Twitter, featuring classics like Anna Karenina, Jane Eyre, and Alice in Wonderland, and Wuthering Heights done for babies on topics like clothes, colours, weather and numbers. My cousin Lisa has a new baby and I'm thinking of getting some for her for Christmas.