12 December 2013

I have been a delinquent blogger....

For the holidays I have opened a haberdashery for children. There will be a skull and crossbones hat, a proper darling bonnet, two spring hats, one in broad triangles and a knot on top and the other purple tweed with a lace flower at the crown, as well as a possible lilac santa hat with an extra long tassel. I am hard at work.

I made Star Wars snowflakes for the 6 year old Star Wars fan in my life and attended St Nikolaus Day at the Austrian schnitzel haus to deliver my gift. My Nicolas sat in my lap for much of the night, telling me about loving tag, water slides and rock climbing as well as suavely hiding from the Scary Santas in the most hideous Halloween costumes ever running around with brooms and large claws and making all the little kids scream.

My cat is being extra cuddly (in between shredding knitting patterns before breakfast) and I have sat and laid still for long times patting him.

I have had writing ideas come together and be cast apart again in panic attacks.

I have bought twinkle lights, tiny led's on bendable copper wire, for cheap on Amazon, and then spent ridiculous money on Christmas decorations I have no intention to display this year. The tomato red blown glass balls were a steal at $5 a piece.

It has snowed, and today the rain came to wash away all the snow.

My sister opened up to me about her illness, and in doing so built a bridge bringing the two of us as close as we've ever been. She is starting MAOI's and I am making her an apple puff pancake Christmas morning so that she doesn't stroke out and die after eating what the rest of us will.

All in all it has been a pretty happy December.


lostgander said...

This post made me smile. I'm so glad you've been having a good time. Better to be living than blogging!

wrenna said...

Thank you very much for stopping by! I'm glad I could make you smile. I've just realized that I neglected to send you a Christmas card... apologies. It is nice to catch up a bit.