02 March 2015

I've spent the last year hanging out on Twitter. I had a close friend there and it seemed like the best way to communicate, in direct messages, but then the messages slowed to a trickle. Twitter is also a place where violence against marginalized people is focalized, and the marginalized speak back with volumes of hurt. I'm not talking about myself but about indigenous people, black people, trans people, sex workers, and all intersections thereof. I found, and all of the marginalized people at issue, who I care about, will hate me for this, that I became psychotic when I was misinterpreted (psychosis is more common among immigrants), that my education is useless in helping me speak, and that people who take a lot of abuse don't owe it to anyone to put up with clumsy interpreters. So, I cared, and I learned I was pretty useless. One resonant truth is that, "hurt people hurt people," but there are an awful lot of others out there doing harm.


lostgander said...

Hmm. This sounds pretty terrible.

wrenna said...

It's awful and it's not even all about me, but the people for whom ordinary social intercourse feels like violence done to them.