29 March 2015

My sister very, very kindly invited me to her 20 week ultrasound. That's the one where, if you like, they try to figure out the baby's sex, though she's not sure she wants to do that anymore. She's heard that when they tell you it's a girl it may still turn out to be a boy. I didn't offer my opinion (I would totally want the guess!) but was already going to wait to knit little sweaters and hats so that they would match the baby's hair and eyes. The baby's dad will be in Whitehorse, way up north, and may make a special trip for the ultrasound, but he said it was cool if I was there too.

This is an incredibly sweet gesture on my sister's behalf. I have a friend who told me years ago that it would take a major life event for my sister and I to form a relationship, and my sister is taking the opportunity now. I am happy to report that psychologically she seems to be doing really well. She seems to be keeping an even keel and has been gentle in speaking to me.

It is also a really meaningful gesture because when my youngest cousin was born there were life-threatening complications for the baby and mom, and my uncle's sister and I fell out after I visited the hospital. My cousin's parents said it was okay but I was so upset I missed the first year of his life. It means a lot to me to be welcomed on no uncertain terms.

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